Monthly Archives: April 2013

Scrapping Rut!


I have found myself again in a scrapping rut!  It happens to every scrapbooker and they can tell you that it is extremely frustrating!  I started scrapping a favorite photo of my husband and I kept trying different papers and layering techniques but was not happy with what I was coming up with.  I think sometimes, if it is an especially treasured photo, you can put more pressure on yourself to create the “perfect” page to express how much you love that particular photo.  In a lightbulb-over-the-head moment I finally envisioned a layout that I felt would look great…I’m going to start working on it and I’ll post it later in the week.

Anyways, I wanted to give some advice if you find yourself stuck in a scrapbooking rut:

  1. Scraplift — I used to be so opposed to this.  I felt like I was stealing someone else’s work or I was cheating myself by not being creative enough to come up with my own layout.  There are so many talented people out there with such great ideas and different techniques that can help you expand your scrapping knowledge.  You learn different styles and it can help inspire you to use these newly-learned styles and techniques in your own layout.  Don’t feel like you’re cheating, but don’t forget to give credit where credit is due!
  2. Take a break —  Sometimes it’s best to walk away when you’re getting frustrated.  Go read a book, watch t.v., take some photos!  That way you take some pressure off of yourself!
  3. Look at Scrapping Magazines! — sometimes this is enough to inspire you!  I’ve combined many different ideas from scrapping magazines into my own personal layouts.
  4. Buy new scrapping material — sometimes new embellies or papers can inspire you.  This is mostly how I justify my scrapbooking shopping addiction!
  5. Scrap with friends — they can help give you tips and their opinions.  Plus, you’ll have so much fun with your friends that you won’t feel as much pressure to create the perfect page.
  6. Let it go! — no page is perfect!  Don’t put so much pressure on yourself.  Remember, you can always re-scrap a photo later if you still aren’t happy with your layout.  Oftentimes, I will be upset by a page that I’m starting to create…thinking it won’t live up to the picture…but most of the time I find that I end up loving the page–imperfections and all!  I especially love looking at my first layouts to see how much my style has grown and changed.  Pictures can be re-scrapped…there’s no rule against this!

Hope some of this advice helps!  Don’t allow scrapping to be stressful…remember it’s supposed to be fun!